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The Seagull by Anton Chekhov is a classic drama rich in meaning filled with symbolism. Did the recent performance of this play, at The Joseph Papp Public Theater in Central Park New York, reveal its meaning and depth ?

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You are at the final stop of The Seagull review journey. I am poised to write some more, but my sites only report about 90 or so uniques. I am not sure if I am still being read. The play is over, the cast has gone home, these reviews are no longer news. This is where I imagine the Portman fans drop off, but do Chekhov fans remain ? I am not sure, if you write on this message board, I will know that you arrived. So dont be shy, express yourself ! Shall I write some more, where in hypespace to place my pages. Anyone interested in my original writings or poetry. Lets talk !

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