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If somehow, you have gotten here, then you too, can use my annotated links.

This page is here primarily for my own use on the net, yes I like to click and surf !

Who knows how far this link page will take me. For all links lead to new links !

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Meryl Streep Film listings.
More Natalie fan club postings.
Probably another review of The Seagull by Anton Chekhov

This club never made it, a fallen club for theatrical writers.

Could be Streep, could be The Seagull, could be Natalie Portman

Hey my page, from a search engine ?!

More Seagull stuff, no doubt.
DK, click and find out !
Open Human directory, online reading.
A search for literary works ?
Same as above, but modified ?

Pure Chekhov.

More Chekhov, complete play text in zip format